Back again

Well. I had forgotten this blog existed, but here it is, so maybe I shall resurrect it.

It’s amusing looking at my comments on the writing situation, because not much has changed.

‘Stones’‘ my first book remains an e-book, which is a problem. They say they don’t wish to turn it into a paperback until it sells ‘enough’. The problem is, I have lost count of the number of times someone has asked where to buy it, or said they had tried, but ‘I don’t really like/don’t read ebooks – are they bringing it out in paperback soon?’  so I am caught in the old equity situation: No equity card until you’ve had a job/No job until you have an equity card.

So, there it remains.

‘J’ (thanks to someone who was shortlisted for the Booker Prize daring to use the same name!) has now become ‘The Last Boy’ and is waiting for my agent to return from maternity leave (honestly! How dare she? 😉 ) and send it back to a lovely person I have been doing some changes for. I do hope she likes them and it finally makes it into print, it’s been a looooong journey.

Munky Dunk I have returned to when not editing ‘J’ and that is coming along well (only first draft stage, but that’s ok.)

So, that’s about it for today. I shall try and return more often.

Getting lost in and focused on the little writer world is very welcome right now with Brexit, Trump and the appalling plague of disasters hitting the country.

cover with words



Where now?

Well, it’s been a while since I made an entry on here, though I doubt I have legions (or any) readers to complain about that.

Here I am anyway, with Stones out on its own, ‘J’ finished and trotting out to agents, and ‘MunkyDunk’ finally started after a gap which I thought might hav killed the idea off.

Rant today after finding my book is up on some site – for free download. It has a blank blue cover and is totally unauthorised. ‘Four downloads today.’  it said and that makes me mad!

I don’t like digital reading, I like books, but I understand that thousands of people do like them. However – why should the digital revolution mean that people’s work can be stolen and handed out free?

Why do people seem to think that they should be able to read for free (outside a library). Why do people think it is okay to pay the price of a bun for a unique created work that has often taken years to produce?

I know most of us will never be J K Rowling in the money stakes, and would write anyway, but still. Books are worth more than buns! And stealing them online is no different to walking into a bookshop and taking a volume off the shelf.

There. I said it now!


I’m this grumpy:




New Year is here. I don’t like this time of year, it’s as simple as that. I spent some time by the sea, in Brighton, where my friends at their North Laines restaurant Fil-Fil kindly agreed to put some of my postcards for Stones on the counter.

Growing up by the sea, I always feel a sense of rightness when I smell the ozone and can look out across the endless and restless water. Otherwise I’ve been editing the new book, and reading old love letters – not my own, but those of my parents which was a weird experience. I wonder whether, if he had known what the future would bring, my dad would have written what he did.

I suppose the moment we live in, is always the only one we have, and in that moment, he was happy – full of hope and expectation, and no one can take that away.

‘Stones’ on Amazon

Good to finally see Stones on Amazon.  Whether it sells in any number and gets to be a paperback, which is still my dream (I’m a paper book person!) remains to be seen.

I have some great reviews though, which is nice, and will be doing some advertising myself around Brighton, where it’s set.

Have a celebration cake:


Pondering what next….

Well, next is to get on with editing ‘J’.


“I sit in Sam’s room now, in secret, while Mum and Dad whisper to themselves downstairs.  I don’t know why I came in here. Perhaps because it’s the last place anyone will look for me.”   Looking forward to the … Continue reading